Marijuana Insurance for the Cannabis Industry

CBZ Insurance Services is a leader in providing cannabis insurance and business related services to the cannabis industry. CBZ is solely dedicated to helping business owners in the marijuana and cannabis industry protect their investment with comprehensive coverage tailored to their operations.

CBZ is the one-stop Cannabis insurance solution. Check out a sampling of the coverage provided:

Cannabis Dispensary

Dispensary Insurance is needed to protect your cannabis business. There are many questions that a business owner might have when it comes to insuring their Dispensary, but CBZ Insurance Services has the answers.

Insurance for Cannabis Companies

Your cannabis plants are the heart and soul of your business, which is why insurance for your cultivation facility and growers is a must. Protect your business with the right insurance.

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis-infused edibles, products, oils and more are becoming extremely popular. Though with a higher popularity comes more potential for risk. Contact us today to see how CBZ Insurance Services can help protect you and your product against product liability.

Marijuana Delivery Service

Your cannabis needs to get from point A to Point B, are you covered if anything happens before it reaches its final destination? CBZ Insurance Services can offer Commercial Auto insurance, coverage for products in transit and Product Liability insurance to delivery services as well as dispensaries that offer delivery.

Insurance for Landlords

Landlords can face severe risks if lease or rent facilities to tenants in the cannabis industry and don’t disclose the information. We have carriers that are open to providing coverage to building owners that allow or support marijuana related operations.

Scientist checking hemp flowers

There are a number of cannabis related businesses that fall outside the standard operations. Some of these include Gardening/Hydroponics Suppliers, Testing Labs, Head shops/Smoke shops and more. If you work in a business that deals with marijuana, we have an insurance to cover you.

Another staple of CBZ Insurance Services are their Directors & Officers and Employment Practices liability Insurance. These provide personal asset protection for owners, as well as Employee Benefits plans, Medical, Dental, Disability and other ancillary benefits for employees.