Employee Benefits

CBZ Insurance Services has managed Cannabis employee benefits for over 10 years.  With the implementation of leading-edge technology, we continue to remain ahead of the game.

CBZ handles all of your employee benefits needs.  We offer a complete range of solutions to protect your employees including medical, dental, disability, life, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and other ancillary benefits.  We are able to obtain meaningful information that enables us to evaluate cost drivers, trends, and savings opportunities associated with our clients’ medical benefits.  We work to evaluate the impact of various plan management initiatives and to forecast the impact of future plan changes. This highly meaningful information enables us to work together with your data in a continuous, interactive manner as plan management issues arise.

CBZ: A Complete End-­to-­End Benefit Management Platform
CBZ handles all of your people­-related activities. We offer a complete HRIS platform offering intuitive, self-service features to help you effectively organize, staff, provide and manage all benefits and carrier connectivity, remain compliant, and pay your entire workforce.

Employee Marketplace: Delivers a Real Shopping Experience
CBZ enables you to elevate and track all your healthcare and benefit offerings. We enable you to control your health benefit costs while offering your employees more personalized coverage options.  Our benefits platform enables employers to provide an engaging, intelligent and personalized retail experience for a true “consumer style” benefits shopping experience for employees.  You decide how much money you want to give your employees for benefits and what benefit products you would like to offer. We then transfer all selected policies and pricing direct from our system to your HRIS online portal which will display employee net costs on all side-­by-side comparisons.  From there, selected coverage is updated and everything is uploaded to the HRIS in real time.

Payroll Solutions: Intuitive Design ­ Incredible Speed ­ Smarter Payroll
Delivered in the cloud, our Cannabis-specific payroll partners offer a new way of managing payroll so you can accurately pay your workforce, regardless of where they are located. We offer a single point-of-contact, with dedicated, professional and secure instant online access, using the latest in encryption technology to ensure data safety and competitive pricing.  POS solutions which will save you money are an integral solution for many of our clients.

ACA­ Affordable Care Act: (ACA) Employer Reporting
CBZ Insurance Services, through its partners, provides ACA Management which is fully integrated into our core HR platform to remain in compliance with ever-changing health care reform requirements. We monitor all the necessary components ­ core HR, time and attendance tracking, payroll, and benefit participation data. All of these components interact in a single cloud­-based platform and deliver real time ACA compliance dashboard analysis with red flag notifications. Analyze, report, and manage all aspects of ACA, from hire to enrollment to medical and benefit eligibility to carrier connectivity, so you are always in compliance with evolving legislation.

Time & Attendance:  ­ Spend Your Time Working, Not Tracking
CBZ Insurance Services, through its partner, delivers the information and automation tools you need, when you need them. You can streamline your time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information. Automate the conversion of worked hours to payroll and enforce your pay and work rules by knowing who is doing what, when, and why.

Hire & Talent Management: ­ Make Talent Your Business
Recruit, attract, evaluate and manage candidates, all within one HR core system. Recruiters and hiring managers can post an opening to any social platform, making job searches easy for applicants. Then all applicants are managed and onboarded through the entire hiring lifecycle. CBZ provides smarter, more efficient recruiting tools to create stronger teams.

Complete COBRA Management
Through our partners, we provide dedicated COBRA experts for your terminated employees. We take the guesswork out of COBRA processes and manage the tedious tasks like mailings and payments.

HR Support
Unlimited consulting, custom employee handbooks, live chat help, and more. Discover the most reliable employment law and human resources support service for businesses of any size and type.  Our HR experts are available as often as you need them.