Insurance for the Cannabis Industry & Related Businesses

Whether your exposure to loss involves Product Liability, Errors & Omissions/Professional Liability, General Liability, Third Party Crime or other exposures, we have carriers that are available to insure your unique risks.

Below is a list of cannabis companies that face unique risks that are largely under served by the insurance marketplace:

  • Gardening/Hydroponics Suppliers
  • Testing Labs
  • Head shops/Smoke shops
  • Vaporizor Manufacturers
  • Cannabis Attorneys
  • Marketing and Consulting firms

CBZ Insurance Services can offer insurance protection to help you recover from unexpected losses.

Strains of Insurance

Coverage Description
Property Coverage available for Buildings, Business Personal Property, Tenant Improvements and coverage for inventory.
Business Income Provides coverage for lost net income from covered losses such as fire, plus continued operating expenses. Two-thirds of US businesses do not continue operations due to inadequate business income coverage.
General Liability Provides coverage for Third‐party claims of Bodily Injury or Property Damage, including claims from use or consumption of products sold or manufactured.
Commercial Auto Covers autos owned by the business used in daily operations, including delivery. Coverage is available for property in transit.
Directors & Officers Liability Covers Directors & Officers of organizations for claims alleging professional misconduct.
Employment Practices Liability Covers claims from employees such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and failure to hire.
Fiduciary Liability Personal asset protection for trustees of employee benefit plans for claims of negligence or wrongdoing in the administration of such plans.
Workers Compensation Coverage required by law in most states that pays for employee injuries sustained in the course of employment and disability payments for lost work from such injuries.
Data Breach / Network Security Covers losses arising from networks security issues such as unintentional disclosure of personal information.
Professional Liability Covers claim of financial damage from Errors or Omissions in providing professional services to others for a fee.
Pollution Liability Covers claims originating on or away from your premises for environmental damages and clean up.
Stock Throughput Property coverage that covers raw stock, stock in process, and finished products/inventory while stored, in process or in transit to the end customer.